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Board of Directors

Asma T. Ali, PhD, P.E.

Dr. Asma has a degree in Civil engineering from NED University. She is a senior traffic engineer at T3 Design Corporation. Dr. Asma is the founding member of NEDA-DC and has served NEDA-DC board as Director Finance and Director Projects in the past.

Nusrat Ashfaq
Director of Management and Administration

Nusrat has a degree in Civil Engineering from NED University. She worked as a structural design engineer at Meinhardt Pvt. Ltd. from 1998 to 2003. Prior to being the board member, Nusrat planned and managed NEDA-DC events. She is an amateur photographer and covers NEDA-DC’s events.

Erum Hai
Director of Public Relations

Erum has a degree in Computer System from NED University. She is a senior consultant at Booze Allen Hamilton. Erum has helped NEDA-DC with organizing events in the past. 

Shafqat Mallick
Director of Membership and Finance

Shafqat has a degree in Computer System from NED University. He works as a senior project manager at Fanniemae. Shafqat has been serving NEDA-DC board as the director finance since 2013 as the elected and selected officer.  

Ghazanfar Bozai, PhD
Director Projects

Dr. Bozai has a degree in civil engineering from NED University.  He works as the CEO/President of SSDII, a human capital and leadership development consulting organization.  He has conducted seminars for NED and various other universities in Pakistan.