NEDA-DC Sponsored Projects

NED Students Scholarships

NEDA-DC has been supporting NED students since 2013 through Koshish Foundation 
with the following break-down:

  • 2016: 10 Scholarships of $560 each
  • 2015: 16 Scholarships of $300 each
  • 2014: 16 Scholarships of $300 each
  • 2013: 4 Scholarships of $300 each
The funds received from NEDA-DC pays approximately the tuition fee of 10 brilliant and deserving NED students from 1st year to 4th year (till they graduate).

Community Scholarships

Community scholarships for $2,500 for the year 2015 was awarded to an NED alumna, Ms. Madiha Masood. Madiha is pursuing Masters of  Science at New York Institute of Technology (NYIT). The scholarship was awarded on need basis.

Community Support
  • Family Adoption: We adopted families to provide winter clothing and household items through Main Street Child Development Center in 2014 and 2015.
  • Pre-School Donation: We donated $200 to Children Time's Cooperative Pre-School in Columbia MD, owned and operated by Parents.  

Webinar for NED students and professionals
In 2015, NEDA-DC successfully organized a webinar on Leadership Development for Engineers and Technical Managers in collaboration with NED University and Pakistan Engineering Council for professional engineers.