Mission & Goals

Promote the interests of NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi, Pakistan, as a world class engineering institution, by strengthening the ties and communication among the University, its Alumni, current students, faculty (past and present) Patrons, and Friends of NED.
  • Establish and maintain an open and democratic educational, professional and social forum for networking
  • Provide and maintain service and support to the Alma Mater, to enrich the lives and opportunities of its Alumni,

  • To initiate, support and improve education for the underprivileged and grassroots level awareness programs in Pakistan

  • Promote community integration here at home in US


Please make your generous donations to NEDA-DC causes. Each and every bit of help makes NEDA-DC contribute more. 

Lifetime or Annual Memberships

In order to stay in touch with your fellow NEDians please join NEDA-DC either as lifetime or annual members. You can make your annual or lifetime membership payments in a quick few steps here:

NEDA-DC Sponsors Project Library at NEDUET

NEDA-DC sponsored a project library at Urban and Infrastructure Engineering Department at NED University of Engineering and Technology