Board of Directors

The Board of Director shall consist of seven (7) Board members as follows (source: NEDA-DC By-laws)

  1. Chairman of the Board of Directors (CBD): CBD will report to Executive Council and will be responsible for among other things, Planning and Record Keeping of all NEDA-DC activities during his or her tenure.
  2. Director of Information and Communication (DIAC): DIC will be responsible for website management, newsletter, and interface with membership.
  3. Director of Membership and Finance (DMF): DM&F will be responsible for maintaining membership and finance record.
  4. Director of Social Affairs (DSA): DSA will be responsible for organizing social activities within NEDA-DC and when approved by the Board of Directors, in collaboration other organizations.
  5. Director of Management and Administration (DMA): DMA will be responsible for administrative and management affairs of NEDA-DC
  6. Director of Professional Development (DPD):DPD will be responsible for holding educational seminars, creating forum for providing professional and business development
  7. Director of Public Relations (DPR): DPRL will be responsible for maintaining liaison with NED University and NED Alumni and other professional Associations and for interface with the outside community, media, etc.
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CBD Arif Sattar   
DIAC Muhammad Faraz Rafi   
DMF Shafqat Mallick   
DSA Khurrum Ali   
DMA Arif Mehmood   
DPD Dr. Asma Ali   
DPR Ashfaq Ahmed   
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